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Nervous Investors Will Hate the Money You Make With This Strategy, money is earned through one or more of the following four ways:
  • In real estate investing, cash flow is the difference between your monthly income and expenses. Monthly income is usually rent, but could include income from things such as parking spaces and laundry facilities.
  • When you purchase a property at a certain price and then sell it a higher price, the difference between the two prices is the price appreciation. Renovation costs should be added to the purchase price to get the total acquisition price so that you can calculate the actual gain. The types of real estate investment strategies that might make money from price appreciation are lease options, flips, and possibly rentals, that is, if you ever decide to sell the rental property.

    • When you buy a property, you need to either pay cash or obtain a loan from a bank or other lender. The usual arrangement is to repay the loan in monthly instalments. These instalments are usually made up of principal and interest amounts, with the principal portion of the monthly payment increasing over time.

Antoine Griezmann of France kicks the ball 3:0


Goal-line technology (GLT) turned out to be a assistance for referee Sandro Ricci intended for France's subsequent goal into their 2014 FIFA Earth Cup Brazil™ Party E fit against Honduras within Porto Alegre.

The GLT toon provided viewers additional support since the TV images weren't conclusive within showing whether it had been a target or certainly not.

Further info is presented here to assist fans understand GLT cartoon replays and specifically, in that instance, to reveal why this “no goal” replay seemed to be shown ahead of the second replay airing immediately afterwards to ensure the target.

In basic, GLT cartoon replays could possibly be shown once the ball is due to 30cm with the goal line for the pitch side with the goal brand, as effectively as once the ball crosses the brand.

Animations associated with goals and also goal-line incidents which have been being offered by the GLT company, in that case GoalControl GmbH, may be used by this Match Director with the broadcast generation team.

Pertaining to France's subsequent goal, a distinct situation occurred the place that the ball strike the interior of your post, rebounded away from the target before striking the goalkeeper and also rolling back on the goal and throughout the goal-line.

The 1st replay that was used demonstrated the golf ball hitting the interior of your post and not fully bridging the brand, before the next replay aired seconds later with all the animation credit reporting the golf ball had completely crossed this line right after it had hit this goalkeeper.

FIFA understands that some lovers are finding GLT cartoon replays for initially. In order to ensure maximum clarity in the foreseeable future for those new to GLT, FIFA will review this coverage on this match with all the broadcast generation team and also GoalControl GmbH, to view if just about any improvements might be made to further improve the seeing experience intended for fans.

Messi rouses Argentina, Swiss benefit from late show


The fourth Matchday of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ was in keeping with the three that went before it, presenting a lot of objectives, unimaginable episodes and real stars making their imprint.

There is nothing that football fans love more than a rebound including a last-pant objective, and Switzerland summoned precisely that in Brasilia, vanquishing Ecuador in stoppage time in the wake of having trailed at the break.

In the other Group E experience, France made the ideal begin to their Brazil 2014 crusade by triumphing over a physical and hearty Honduras side, affability of a clinical execution from Karim Benzema.

To wrap things up, Argentina affirmed that they will be a power to be figured with at the competition, seeing off Bosnia and Herzegovina in an energizing and enthusiastic experience, throughout which Lionel Messi opened his record with a fine individual exertion.


Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador (Budweiser Man of the Match: Xherdan Shaqiri)

France 3-0 Honduras (Budweiser Man of the Match: Karim Benzema)

Argentina 2-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Budweiser Man of the Match: Lionel Messi)

Huge minutes

Seat reward: Xherdan Shaqiri may have been named Budweiser Man of the Match, yet Switzerland had their substitutes to thank for their hard-battled triumph over Ecuador, Admir Mehmedi and Haris Seferovic falling off the seat to score the unequivocal objectives. With his group trailing 1-0 to Enner Valencia's header, Ottmar Hitzfeld had the prescience to present Mehmedi simply after half-time, a vote of trust that the Freiburg striker reimbursed by evening out two minutes after the fact. Seferovic required marginally more of a chance to get on the scoreboard, going ahead in the 75th moment and jumping in harm time to secure a 2-1 win. Intriguingly, every one of the three Swiss legends – Shaqiri, Mehmedi and Seferovic – have associations with the previous Yugoslavia. Shaqiri and Mehmedi were both conceived there, while Seferovic's family moved to Switzerland from what is presently Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1980s.

Annoying benchmark: Against Argentina, Sead Kolasinac set another record that he won't fundamentally wish to be helped to remember whenever soon. With two minutes and nine seconds on the clock, the Bosnian safeguard continued to thump the ball into his own particular net after a Lionel Messi free-kick, turning into the quickest own objective scorer in World Cup history all the while. In doing in this way, he takes the spot of Carlos Gamarra, the past holder of the unenviable record, who controlled a David Beckham free-kick past his own particular goalkeeper in the third moment of England's go against Paraguay at Germany 2006. Kolasinac's "strike" is the third own objective of Brazil 2014, after on from Marcelo in Brazil's opening match with Croatia and Honduran 'attendant Noel Valladares versus France.

Benzema managers the show: When France were recompensed their first-half punishment against Honduras, Karim Benzema shouldered his obligations, as any great No10 ought to. The Real Madrid striker decided to plant the ball immovably to the right of the goalkeeper, in the same way that Zinedine Zidane once did in his day, scoring France's tenth World Cup punishment. The likenesses with the previous Bleus legend don't end there. Benzema multiplied his count in the second half and turned into the first Frenchman since Zizou to score a prop in a FIFA World Cup match, Zidane's twofold strike having helped his nation to triumph over Brazil in the France 1998 Final. In making his reality finals debut, Benzema put the disillusionment of his goalless demonstrating at UEFA EURO 2012 well and positively behind him.

The detail

5 - Honduras have now gone five successive FIFA World Cup matches without scoring an objective, an unwanted run that puts them level with Bolivia and individual Brazil 2014 finalists Algeria. Four years back in South Africa, La Bicolor lost two and drew one without discovering the over of the net, their last objective in the opposition arriving in a 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland at Spain 1982. That come about was trailed by a 1-0 misfortune to Yugoslavia, the begin of their scoreless s

2014 Kia Optima Interior Design

Optima's interior concedes nothing to its European or American competitors, except for its black plastic trim. The dashboard uses pebble-grain black leather, handsomely stitched with French seams. Optional leather spreads to the seats, trimmed with fabric.
The instrument panel is clean, including four handsome horizontal climate vents. Instruments use a clear font. The lettering on the tachometer and speedometer is organic white with a red needle.
The leather-wrapped four-spoke steering wheel is thick, feels good in the hands. It tilts and telescopes, and contains controls for audio, cruise control, phone and a big green button for Eco. Heating is optional.
The five-passenger seating is excellent, with a full range of adjustability available in the driver's seat. The seats are firm, well-bolstered, and deliver snug lateral support for more vigorous driving. However, the center-rear passenger must ride the camel's hump, and the rear legroom is on the low side of average, at 34.7 inches. Heated front and rear seating is available, as is front cooling and a cooled glovebox for drinks.
The panoramic sunroof, on cars so equipped, is huge, airy and truly bright. When closing it, the sunscreen panel closes automatically. A separate function opens only the screen and tilt roof. Nice, as with the controls on the center console, angled slightly towards the driver.
Navigation is fairly easy to set, and you can operate it while the car is moving, though we recommend your co-driver perform this duty. The display for the Hybrid is slightly strange, with growing flowers in Eco mode, that get bigger as you drive more efficiently. In the center of the speedo a display shows average and instant fuel mileage, with blue bars that move with the throttle position. It also scores your efficiency. There's a big round instrument on the left that's an Eco guide, with white, green and red zones. You can see energy flow back and forth between the wheels, battery, and engine.

The Hybrid offers a Microsoft voice-activated infotainment system with its audio system, incorporating Bluetooth and back-up camera. Infinity's deluxe 12-speaker audio system, with stylish speakers in the doors and dash, delivered superb sound.
A Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) plays an engine sound during electric-only operation up to 12 miles per hour, to help notify people outside the vehicle that it is approaching. We would have liked to hear this mock buzz, but we couldn't get the Hybrid to run on electric only. It took the internal combustion engine just to back downhill out of our driveway. Nothing new with hybrids.
The Hybrid's air conditioning system uses an electric compressor, reducing the losses in belt-driven systems and allowing cool air to flow, even with the engine off in Idle-Stop mode. We didn't test it because it was freezing outside. So far, we've found that when they say cool air, they mean exactly that, as in not hot. Don't expect air-conditioning cold, in summer.
Cargo space is vast in the Optima EX and SX (15.4 cubic feet), but not so vast with the Hybrid (9.9 cubic feet) because of battery placement. We also noticed the right side B pillar creates a blind spot over the driver's shoulder.

New Car Test Drive 2014 Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is a midsize sedan with a smooth, quiet ride and able driving dynamics. The 2013 Kia Optima competes with the Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Mazda6, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata.
For 2013, Optima carries over largely unchanged, but new features have been added and Kia has consolidated the model lineup.
All 2013 Optima models get a revised Kia badge on the hood, trunk and steering wheel, as well as a new sliding front headrest. Last redesigned for the 2011 model year, Optima still looks contemporary. It’s sleek and muscular, without a jumble of distracting design elements.
Kia Optima LX and EX use a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that makes 200 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque. This engine is short on excitement, but it's fine for most drivers. Quiet at highway cruising speeds, it delivers enough power to keep up with fast traffic on the freeways, while delivering an EPA-estimated 24/35 mpg City/Highway. All 2013 Optima models come standard with a 6-speed automatic.
Kia Optima SX features a peppy 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The turbocharged inline-4 found on the Optima SX sweetly carries this sedan into another world. With 274 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque, the Optima SX boasts first-rate performance, stability and agility. Silky smooth, the turbocharged engine propels the Optima SX from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds, quick for this class. Fuel economy suffers a bit compared to the naturally aspirated version, with an EPA rating of 22/34 mpg City/Highway. and comes standard with leather upholstery and wood interior accents
Kia Optima Hybrid uses a 2.4-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gas engine that produces 166 horsepower connected by a wet clutch to an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) synchronous electric motor producing 40 horsepower. The battery that powers the electric motor is state of the art, a 270V lithium-polymer (Li-PB) battery. Compared to a nickel metal hydride system, this 95-pound Li-PB system is 20-30 percent lighter, 40 percent smaller, holds a charge 25 percent longer, is 10 percent more efficient, and offers twice the power density. The warranty is good for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles. It's a hybrid, so you don't need to plug it in. Just fill it with gas and go.
Efficiency-wise, the Hybrid drags Optima back into a third world. Its EPA estimated mileage is 35/40 miles per gallon. However, we only got 25.5 mpg during our lead-footed stint. The 6-speed automatic transmission was rough, which we blame on its electronic programming.
Interior appointments and materials in all Optima models are handsome, generous, and of high quality for the class. Beautiful leather adorns the dashboard and seating, comfortable with firm support, including the rear. The design and layout of the instrumentation reflect thought and employ the latest technology. The expected conveniences are all there, plus bonuses such as a cooled glove compartment for keeping beverages cool.
Optima uses front-wheel drive and a four-wheel independent suspension that is athletic and responsive. We found the ride quality compliant over rougher pavement, filtering out harshness, while the suspension accurately communicates smaller bumps and ripples. The chassis is good, and although Optima is no performance sedan, its handling has a sporty glimmer.

Buying a Family Owned Business

It is particularly important that buying a family business be considered as an investment, not a purchase, and certainly not a gift.  Making a good investment is based on homework, understanding exactly what you are investing into, risks and a goal for what you want to get as a return on the investment.  

Easier said than done when the business is owned by a parent and emotional issues start to influence business decisions.    Other family members may have expectations as to what their interest in the business is or should be based on long ago events or implied promises.  What the business is worth may be perceived rather than factual.  Plus many years of who helped when money was tight, or someone was ill and many other family issues can sneak into the conversation.   
Thus, if you are planning to sell your business to family or buy from family these steps may help to make the transition less traumatic and more importantly to be – fair to all concerned. As a starting point the owner should let their retirement intentions be known well in advance along with any expectations from the business and future owners such as the need for a retirement income.  
It is highly recommended that the owner obtain a qualified business appraisal to clear the air as to what the business is actually worth, defusing any misconceptions about what might be a fair purchase price. A business appraisal sets a starting point and lets all those concerned know that if they are not interested at this price the owners may consider the open market.

Consider the financing options. If a retirement income is desired will the sellers carry a contract to finance thus obtaining a long term steady income, or do they need lump sum cash out to pay off other debts?   Encourage anyone who may be interested in buying the business to start getting qualified for financing. I have seen a number of deals canceled when the buyer’s loan application is denied upsetting their dreams of owning the family business.
Review tax and estate planning considerations to avoid surprises and unintended consequences.  You may be best served by doing this several years before the intended sale to avoid capital gains or estate taxes. Moreover if the buyer will need bank financing getting the financials and taxes in shape may improve the banks willingness to make the loan.

Starting early will also enable the buyer to gain more experience running the business. The buyers’ management experience will also be important if bank financing is needed.   It is also possible that the intended buyer may change their mind once they test the demands of management.  Some people will recognize they are much better at performing the business functions and that management is not what they do best.

Finally, put it all in writing this is a business deal and family disputes can start over seemingly minor issues. Get an attorney to prepare a purchase agreement spelling out all the details.

Learn the Difference between Debt and Equity Financing


15 minute video explaining debt versus equity financing.
Many people are trying for investor money versus banking loans. Yes you might be currently challenged at banks either they may be not interested in  lending money for your type of business or that possibly the business owners have little collateral or low credit scores.
A business owner maybe you are currently challenged with your current bank said they do not have the funds to lend to you. One suggestion is do not just stop at one bank or financial institution. Shop at least 3 banks if they are lending for you type of business. If you have poor credit scores, do not just give up. How about working on improving your credit score. Take control of your personal finance issues early so you can be ready for when you need additional money for growing your business.
Most business owners are turned down from a bank want to resort to equity, but it is not for everyone. If you want to see an example of equity financing going wrong, watch the video below. Another challenge to equity financing is that you could end up paying additional attorney fees. Do you have the money for an attorney to review and explain the agreement? Also, when you sell or buy out the investor, you make want to meet with your own attorney as well a certified public accountant. Equity can look sweet deal at the beginning, but how well do you all work together and making decisions will be more challenging from the other investors. Be prepared, do your work ahead of time and ask the hard questions to professionals as well as any investor. 
 However, you should evaluate whether equity financing is a better choice. 
The televisions show, The Profit,Season 2 Episode 206 Sweet Pete's is an example when an investor and business owners did not work together.